5 Exciting OS X El Capitan Features You Need to Try

OS X El Capitan was released today, and if you updated to the latest version, here are five exciting OS X El Capitan features that you need to try out.

While OS X El Capitan comes with the same overall design and look as OS X Yosemite (except for a new system-wide font), the new operating system does come with a handful of new features that fix annoyances that users had with OS X Yosemite, as well comes with improvements for apps and features that were already pretty great.

This time around, we weren’t expecting any big changes with this new version of OS X, as OS X Yosemite was Apple’s big OS X change for a while (since the company really only overhauls OS X every few years).

However, each new version of OS X always comes with a bevy of cool new features that improve the experience for Mac users, and El Capitan is no exception.

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Plus, this new version comes with a heap of performance improvements and bug fixes that are great for any Mac user, and it almost feels like a Service Pack upgrade if anything, with the new features being an added bonus.

If you just upgraded to OS X El Capitan and aren’t sure where to start as far as which features to check out, here are five features on OS X El Capitan that you should try out right now.

Split View Multitasking

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Split View Multitasking

If you're a multitasker, then El Capitan's new Split View feature is something you'll probably use quite often.

Of course, just like with any desktop operating system, you can put two windows side by side next to each other, but El Capitan makes it easier to snap windows to the left or right without needing to manually re-size them.

Third-party tools like BetterSnapTool made this possible in OS X Yosemite, but now the feature is built right into OS X El Capitan.

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