Fallout 4 Tips to Level Up Faster

You don’t need to level up quickly in Fallout 4 and many of you will want to take your time doing so. But if you do decide that you do want to push into higher levels at rapid pace, here are some tips that will help you level up faster in Fallout 4 (and its DLC) on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Fallout 4 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC is finally here and thousands upon thousands of people are now able to create a character and quest in a wide-open world that’s full of loot, monsters, interesting characters, and adventures.

There are a ton of moving parts but one of the most basic Fallout 4 features is the leveling system. If you’ve played an open-world RPG or an MMO, you’re probably familiar with this concept. Level your character and the game opens up.

You’ll meet new characters, employ new abilities, explore new places on the map, tackle new quests, and be able to equip your character with powerful gear. There isn’t a level cap in Fallout 4 which means that you can keep leveling while questing and acquiring new gear.

Many of you will want to take your time. But if you decide that you want to level up your character a little faster (remember you need to be level 15 in order to start the Automatron DLC questline, the Far Harbor DLC includes high level enemies) there are some strategies to use.

We’ve been playing Fallout 4 for a number of months now and we’ve been playing MMOs and open-world RPGs for years. And we, and many others, have come up with some ways to get your character’s level moving in the right direction.

Some of these tips are simple, others are a little more involved. All of them should help you rank up your Fallout 4 character a little quicker. Take a look. There’s something here for everyone, from beginners to seasoned vets.

Holster Your Weapon to Run Faster

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Holster Your Weapon to Run Faster

Let's start with something easy. If you holster your weapon, you'll run faster. To holster your weapon, hold X on Xbox One or on Square if you're using the PS4. Running faster has its advantages.

First off, you won't die as much because you'll be able to get out of tricky situations. Dying less means more time for questing, crafting, and you guessed it, leveling. And second, it means you'll be able to get around the map faster.

That means more combat and faster questing. And both of those are going to give you the experience points used to level up your character.

There aren't any mounts or cars in Fallout 4 so you'll need to rely on your feet and fast travel between various locations.

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