Father Shoots Daughter’s Laptop With A Gun, Internet Parents Applaud Scary Violence

When I started seeing posts about this YouTube video in which a father shoots his daughter’s laptop with a gun because she posted something on Facebook he didn’t like, my immediate reaction was not to applaud his actions and shake my fist at the state of youth today like so many other people I saw.

My first thought was that this is why Facebook needs better privacy settings and needs to explain them better, too.

My second thought was that someone really needs to come take this man’s gun away because that’s an extreme and violent reaction to something so small and normal as a teenager complaining, in private, to her friends, that her parents are annoying her.

My third thought was that it’s no wonder poor Hannah is so spoiled since her father can apparently afford to completely ruin an expensive piece of electronics just because he’s cheesed off.

I’m inclined to agree with the person in this thread that sees the family dynamic here as very abusive and scary, but I also can’t ignore all the mommy bloggers on my Twitter feed roundly congratulating this dad for teaching his daughter a lesson. I just wonder what lesson is being taught?

I am not a parent, but I am an aunt. My two oldest nieces are old enough to use computers and tablets, surf the Internet, interact on social networks, and in general do a lot of things that are both awesome and scary as an adult who loves them. I am an advocate of keeping an eye on what kids and young adults do online and making them understand the dangers and consequences they expose themselves to.

I also understand that when you’re a teenager you’re going to vent about your parents to your friends. Quite frankly, if you do that in what you thought was a private space, that should be okay. If you, as a parent, are going to get bent out of shape every time your teen says something uncharitable about you behind your back, you’d best learn some Yoga to make that more comfortable.

So yes, I do feel the father’s actions were over the top and scary and incorrect. Team Hannah!

Parents, teens, unaffiliated adults, what say you to this?