First iPad 3rd Generation Unboxing Video Reveals 4G LTE Toggle

The new iPad is still sitting in FedEx warehouses around the country, but over in Vietnam, one iPad has already found a home, where it was promptly unboxed., a Vietnamese tech site was able to secure a 4G LTE version of the new iPad and shot the unboxing video below.

You might not understand much of the language, as it is in Vietnamese, but you can get another look at the new iPad, including a new setting to turn 4G LTE off.

The new iPad 3rd gen will be available in retail stores on Friday March 16th. The iPad 3rd generation has a new high-resolution Retina Display, 4G LTE and a vastly improved camera.

In the video, you can get a look at the new design, which doesn’t look much different from the iPad 2. The biggest news from this unboxing is that Apple has provided a 4G LTE data toggle in the settings.

Additional images of the new iPad 3rd Gen can be seen in the forums.

You can see the toggle below, which will allow you to turn off 4G LTE when you want to save battery life or if you live in an area with no 4G LTE coverage. When 4G LTE is turned off, Cellular Data is still on, so you should still connect over 3G.

iPad 4G LTE Toggle

In the U.S. and many countries the new iPad 3rd Generation models are sitting in warehouses waiting for shipment. While many readers and GottaBeMobile staff have received tracking numbers, it seems that FedEx is keeping the new iPads in warehouses in Pennsylvania, Nashville and Ontario, Canada.

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If you haven’t already pre-ordered your new iPad 3rd generation, you can’;t buy one online for March 16th delivery, but you can line up outside an Apple Store, Best Buy or Radio Shack, as well as other locations to buy one on release day.

Via MacRumors