First Peek of HTC’s 10″ Tablet

Aside from Amazon’s tablet, one of the most-aniticipated upcoming Android slates is HTC’s 10-incher, codenamed “Puccini.” Today, courtesy of BGR, we have our first real glimpses of what the tablet will look like.

Fans of HTC will feel right at home here, as the slate has the familiar style of the Taiwanese manufacturer. The front looks much like every other 10″ Android tablet we’ve seen, but the back has a swoosh design, along with an 8-megapixel camera, a dual-LED flash, and microphone.


The image also shows a stylus, identical to the one which shipped with HTC’s previous (smaller) slate, the Flyer. While it isn’t likely that the stylus alone would draw throngs of buyers, it could be a nice bonus if it’s bundled and doesn’t hike up the slate’s price.

Due to a previous FCC visit, we already knew that the tablet would be heading to AT&T. The device is built to support LTE, and could possibly be the carrier’s first major release to run on the faster 4G network. AT&T is set to launch a couple of tethering devices that look to be available at the induction of their LTE network.

As for the “Puccini” (codename only, the actual market branding isn’t known yet), it was previously rumored to launch in June, but that obviously didn’t happen. As the LTE network is expected “later this summer,” we would place our money on an August or early September release.

You can see BGR‘s image of the slate’s back in the shot below:

htc-puccini-2110726145842So is this the Android tablet you’ve been holding out for? Or are you going to wait and see what Amazon┬áhas up its sleeve first? Let us know in the comments!