Flipping Over the MinoHD Mobile Video Camera

flip Many of the videos we produce on GBM, especially the ones shot during CES, are done using a Flip video camera. They are great little video cameras, produce some really good quality, small and light, encode directly to an avi or mp4, and are pocket-book friendly. My favorite feature is the built-in USB stick which makes importing videos and posting up to a video sharing site a breeze. My kids have one they use for shooting quick little videos around the house and they absolutely love them. In fact, I’ve seen lots of my friends around church and the neighborhood using them. My only complaint about the Flip is the zoom feature can get a bit grainy, and, unless you are really close to the subject you are recording, the audio might not pick up well.

Flip Video just announced the latest in their popular video camera, the Flip MinoHD, and based on what AllThingsDigital is reporting, the video and audio quality have improved a whole lot, recording at 720p (1280 x 720) and encoding directly to an .mp4 file. I just bought one for the team to use while at CES. At $229, it is a very good mobile option to consider when shopping for a video camera.