Ford Sync 3: 5 Reasons I’m Ready to Trade in and Upgrade

The new Ford Sync 3 infotainment system is an incredible upgrade over MyFord Touch, fixing every complaint I have with the old and slow system and delivering a simpler, smarter in dash navigation and entertainment system that works with your smartphone in ways MyFord Touch can only dream of.

After spending a week using the SYNC 3 in a 2016 Ford Mustang GT I am ready to trade in my 2013 Ford Fusion to get a new 2016 or 2017 Ford vehicle with the vastly improved system.

Ford told us that this may be the most researched product in the company’s 100 year history, involving consumer feedback, virtual reality testing and much more to deliver a fast, smart and easy to use hub for controlling your phone and your car with touch and voice.

Sync 3 is a vast improvement over the Sync systems in older Ford vehicles.

Sync 3 is a vast improvement over the Sync systems in older Ford vehicles.

You’ll need a 2016 or newer Ford to get all the benefits of this system. The new Sync 3 system is available in some 2016 models, and is coming to most 2017 Ford vehicles.

There is no way to get a MyFord Touch upgrade to Sync 3 in your existing car. There is new hardware and a new experience driving this system that the older setup simply can’t handle.

Here are 5 reasons I’m ready to trade in my 2013 Ford Fusion to upgrade to something new.

  • Smarter Design – In Sync 3 the buttons are bigger, higher contrast and easier to find. The things I use like Bluetooth, Line in and apps are easier to get to in Sync 3.
  • Speed – The Sync 3 system is incredibly fast. When you touch, swipe, pinch or tap the system reacts with smartphone speeds.
  • Voice Control – No longer will voice control not understand what you mean, it can figure out what you say and what you actually mean to get the job done without causing you to yell like the MyFord Touch system often does.
  • AppLink for Sync – When you plug your phone in by USB and run apps like AccuWeather, Spotify or Radio Disney will appear on-screen for easy control.
  • Solving Problems – The new Sync 3 system fixes many problems I have with MyFord Touch. In addition to all the new features above, Sync 3 simplifies upgrades by performing them over WiFi at night. The system can now charge your phone only when you connect it instead of taking over the audio. There is also a new and improved night mode and other small improvements.

The Ford Sync 3 system will support Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, but we’re still waiting on more details about this. Even without Apple or Google, the new Ford Sync 3 system is an incredible upgrade.