Free Antivirus from Microsoft – Morro

Microsoft Microsoft seems to be rocking  a few boats in the antivirus market  with the announcement that they will now be offering a  FREE antivirus solution next year.   This product is called Morro and is going to be released  sometime in the second half of 2009 (with Windows 7 maybe??).   Also, as of June 2009 OneCare is also going to be discontinued.

Computers purchased from places like Dell might be affected by this move, and also have an effect on the consumers pocket books.   Some of the ‘crapware’ that’s installed on each machine at the time of purchase actually lowers the price.   I don’t have any hard figures, but I would guess that Norton (and others) pay a good chunk of money to be installed by default on a new machine.   I understand there are already good free antivirus packages out there, but what if MS can make this part of each build, right in the base OS?   Are vendors going to double up and install Norton on each machine?  

Only time will tell, but what’s going to happen to all these antivirus products  that charge money? Are they going to still be around and profitable after the Morrow release?   I’m just asking…