From Cellphone to Smartphone: 1970 to Present Cell Phone Infographic

The cell phone has grown (and shrank) plenty since it jumped from science fiction and spy gadgets into the hands of Zack Morris and eventually evolved into a small computer that fits in your pocket.

These days we take for granted everything our phones can do and the bargain basement prices, but back in the day, Zack’s hone cost $4,000 and weighed a hefty 2 pounds.

Product Development Technologies has put together a great infographic that traces the history and evolution of the cellphone.

history of cell phones infographic

History of the cell phone.

As someone who has grown up during the time that cell hones jumped into the mass market, while I was in high school, it is interesting to see the landscape change. There was only a year or two of my driving life where I couldn’t call for help or directions, and now I can get directions or schedule a tow from my phone.

Do any of these milestones stand out for you?