Frontface Touch UI for Tablet PCs

Navigating Windows with your fingertips can be frustrating, especially if you haven’t tweaked your tablet’s settings to take into account that your fingers aren’t as refined as a mouse pointer. Enter FrontFace, a custom UI for Tablet PCs with touchscreens. Frontface comes with a few touch-friendly applications, including an RSS feed reader and notification center.

Our friend Brad Linder from Liliputing wrote up a quick review of a pre-release version of Frontface and it seems he has mixed feelings about it:

But the overall UI is clean and simple, and I can see how it would make the experience of using a Windows tablet a bit more iPad-like.
What I’m still unclear on is whether people want Windows tablets to be more iPad-like…But when you force all apps to launch in full-screen mode and replace the desktop, start menu, taskbar, and other Windows UI elements, it feels a bit like you’re losing some of the customizablity that makes Windows stand out.

Frontface is not available quite yet, but you can learn more about it over at Liliputing or


A minute after I asked Sascha if he was going to publish a video about Frontface over at, I found this in my inbox:

Thanks Sascha!