Frustrated with Messed Up Music Libraries in iTunes?

picture-51One of the biggest headaches with importing music, audio books, etc is having to mess with all the track information. I spent hours over Christmas importing audio books, getting track numbers right, etc – needless to say, it was not how I intended to spend Christmas Day.

That is where TuneUp comes in. TuneUp is an iTunes plug-in that works in conjunction with the Gracenote database by taking an audio “fingerprint” of a song, and fills in all the missing pieces, which means

– No more missing cover art.
– No more “Track 01’s”, “Track 02’s”.
– No more Audio Adrenaline, AudioAdrenaline, etc.
TuneUp is free for 500   song clean ups / 50 cover arts, $11.95 per year for unlimited, or $19.95 forever / unlimited. I have an evaluation license that I’m going to be trying out and will let you know what I think. I’m hoping that TuneUp will help with duplicate music, too – we’ll see.