Fujitsu Quietly Releases T2020 Tablet PC

t2020upI was browsing Fujitsu’s site today for updated drivers for my T2010 when I saw the T2010’s update. Fujitsu’s predictable nomenclature scheme was used and the update was aptly named the Lifebook T2020. Unfortunately, Fujitsu didn’t really do much in terms of updates and upgrades. The difference between the T2010 and the T2020 revolves around the updated Centrino 2 processor. Both SU9300 and SU9400 ultra-low voltage processors are offered for the T2020.

Unfortunately, Fujitsu seemed to have missed an opportunity to fix the shortcomings of the T2010. Unlike HP’s completely revamped 2730p, the T2020 has not answered some of the most common complaints nor made any innovative advances. The T2020 is more of a baby-step forward rather than a leap forward like the HP 2730p. However, after having experienced the spectacular latch design of the T5010, I am more than thrilled that the floppiness of the T2010 is now a non-issue on the T2020.

Pricing starts at $1700 for an SU9300-based unit on 1GB of RAM, 120GB HDD, no Turbo Memory, and Fujitsu’s Indoor Screen. Fully spec’d units with the SU9400, 4GB of RAM, 4GB Turbo Memory, a 250GB HDD, and Fujitsu’s well-regarded Indoor/Outdoor screen will set you back $2524.00. There will be future offerings with integrated 3G WWAN and up to 128GB SSD drives.

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