Gadget Fatigue: Is It Hitting You Yet? is running an article suggesting that the ho hum reactions to the iPad, Google Buzz and 3D TV might be due to tech fatigue and perhaps consumers just being smarter with their dollars in tight times. Suzanne Choney quotes analysts who suggest we’re getting smarter about our purchases and perhaps seeing through the hype rather than being overwhelmed by fatigue.

It’s a good read and it begs the question that is in the headline of this post. It also begs more depth. Most of the great rush in gadget land these days is for consumption devices, in fact it all is. Several assumptions follow that path: 1.) assuming consumers will (at some point) be willing to pay for content on shiny new gadgets, and/or 2.) revenue will be generated by advertising.

On the first, I think there’s a limited amount consumers will spend for content based purely on their budgets. On the latter, I still wonder how advertising generates so much revenue (and it does) when just about everybody hates it, and I’ve sill yet to meet a person who clicks on an ad.

Rather than gadget fatigue, I’m guessing the trend that will cause real problems will have to deal more with resistance to paying for content (again for budget reasons not ideological ones) and resistance to advertising.

So, how about you? Gadget fatigue? Chime in and let us know.