Gadget Reporting Can be Hazardous to Your Gadget’s Well Being

Oh, do I feel for Jason Perlow of Tech Broiler on ZDNet. He was testing out a new iPad 2 case called the G-Form Extreme Sleeve on video. When his wife asked to assist his demo by tossing the encased iPad 2 onto the back porch he let her go ahead. Ooops. The iPad hit on a corner and, well, you can see the damage in the video.

Fortunately, Jason had been told by the makers of the G-Form Extreme that they’d cover his back if any testing went wrong so he’ll be getting a new iPad to replace the broken one. And they are working hard on improving the case so this won’t happen again.

But you can just hear the anguish in his voice as he dutifully continues his video review of the product.