Galaxy Nexus Doesn’t Have Gorilla Glass, But That’s Not a Problem

Back in October, when Samsung and Corning confirmed that the Galaxy Nexus wouldn’t have a Gorilla Glass display, there were a lot of unhappy campers. The frustration continued even when Sammy stated that the device would utilize un-branded fortified glass. Well, it’s our hope that this next video which shows the Galaxy Nexus’ screen handling a set of keys, will get those dark clouds above your heads to dissipate.

What you see here is the UK version of the Galaxy Nexus being treated to a stress test just a few short hours after its release and it’s pretty clear that whatever glass that Samsung chose to use on the Galaxy Nexus is pretty capable.

No, it’s not Gorilla Glass but it should suite your needs.

Especially for those of you that like mashing your smartphone’s screen with a set of keys.

Via: Droid-Life