Galaxy Nexus Release Date Rumors, Early Sales and Unboxing Video

The Galaxy Nexus release date is still up in the air, but new reports are coming in that make December the 13th a little less certain.

The good news is many retailers have the Galaxy Nexus with 4G LTE in stock, including some stores which have sold the Galaxy Nexus early, granting us an unboxing.

After missing a December 9th launch date, we told you that multiple sources were telling us December 13th was going to be the real Galaxy Nexus release on Verizon.

Sadly, a contradictory rumor has surfaced by way of The Droid Guy, who shares an internal document regarding store changes for the week, which doesn’t include display space and signage for the Galaxy Nexus. According to communications with some retailers, Verizon is still testing the Galaxy Nexus, and will have an over the air update waiting on release day, possibly with Google Wallet.

Galaxy Nexus Release Date

Given the reports of additional testing, it is good to hear that Verizon thinks the Galaxy Nexus only needs an over the air update to be ready for final release. According to multiple reports, the Galaxy Nexus release is close enough that there are actual Galaxy Nexus phones in stock at Best Buy, Verizon and other retailers.

While the Galaxy Nexus is not officially available for sale, several shoppers were able to purchase the Galaxy Nexus last week from Best Buy. The retailer has since corrected this mistake, but the employee who sold the Galaxy Nexus early is likely in a lot of trouble.

Thanks to early sales, we do have a Galaxy Nexus for Verizon unboxing video to share. While unboxing videos aren’t super interesting these days, we know you are very interested in the Galaxy Nexus with Verizon 4G LTE, so you can see the unboxing video below.

Stay tuned for more Verizon Galaxy Nexus news and videos.