Galaxy Note 4 Release Date (U.S.): What Buyers Shouldn’t Expect

With a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date now confirmed for the United States, we wanted to take an updated look at what we don’t expect from the Galaxy Note 4 release date in the U.S.

A couple weeks back, Samsung took the stage in Berlin, Germany and announced a number of new products including its new Gear S watch, the new Gear VR virtual reality headset, a new Galaxy Note Edge with a curved display, and of course, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the oft-rumored replacement for the Galaxy Note 3.

As expected, the Galaxy Note 4 is a powerful successor and includes a number of high-powered features. Galaxy Note 4 specs include a 5.7-inch Quad HD display, its brand new 16MP camera with Optical Image Stabilization, its new S Pen, its Android 4.4.4 KitKat software that’s backed by TouchWiz, its new design that comes with both plastic and metal materials, and a whole lot more. At the time, Samsung confirmed the Galaxy Note 4 release for October though it did not provide specifics.

For several weeks, Samsung and its carrier partners remained silent, even as the Galaxy Note 4 release date made progress behind the scenes. Last week, the fifth and final U.S. bound Galaxy Note 4 model passed through the FCC and we had a sneaking suspicion that an announcement for the United States was close. Last week, as if on cue, Samsung and its partners went live with a ton of information for the United States.

With a Galaxy Note 4 release date now just weeks away in the United States and Galaxy Note 4 details continuing to swirl, we want to take an updated look at our Galaxy Note 4 release expectations. Today, we take a look at what we don’t expect from the U.S. Galaxy Note 4 release date, one of Samsung’s most important dates.

Early Galaxy Note 4 Release Date

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date will be coming early to Korea. Instead of October, Samsung will launch the Galaxy Note 4 release on September 26th. It’s not clear why the release will be moved up though many people assume that it’s to help the Galaxy Note 4 battle the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, both of which arrived at the tail end of last week.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is rumored for an early release in India in the first week of October and the release date in the UK is confirmed for October 10th, or, a full week ahead of the U.S. Galaxy Note 4 release date. While these Galaxy Note 4 release dates are arriving earlier than previously expected, it doesn’t mean that the Galaxy Note 4 release date in the U.S. will get bumped up.


We’re not expecting the Galaxy Note 4 release date to get pushed in the United States. Instead, we’re expecting it to stick to October 17th across all carriers. Very rarely do we see carriers change their concrete release dates after announcing them and at this point, with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus dominating sales, there’s no real reason to make the move.

Carriers in the U.S. like space between big smartphone releases and with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus now on shelves, we believe that U.S. carriers are content with the date they announced. Don’t look for this date to move.

Stores to Open Early

Do not expect stores to open early to accommodate buyers on release day. While Galaxy Note 4 pre-orders sold out in Korea, we’re simply not expecting the same kind of demand here in the United States. Android devices very rarely sell out ahead of time and we’re not expecting anything different from this year’s Galaxy Note and its features. It’s still a niche device here in the United States and now it has an iPhone 6 Plus to deal with.

Stores open early to accommodate for consumer demand. The Galaxy Note 4 will almost certainly be a popular device but we don’t think it will be on the same level as the iPhone. Look for stores, both carrier and third-party retailer stores, to open at the normal time.

All Pre-Orders to Arrive on October 17th

While we’re not expecting a sell out, we are expecting there to be an incentive to pre-order. The Galaxy Note 4 should start shipping out ahead of its October 17th release date. AT&T says that its device will ship out by October 14th meaning it will almost certainly arrive ahead of October 17th. Verizon’s shipping times are lagging but we wouldn’t be surprised if it gets it out in and around October 17th as well.

Galaxy Note 4 Features - Sensors

T-Mobile and Sprint have also been known to ship out Android flagships a few days early to customers that pre-ordered and we wouldn’t be shocked if we saw something similar here with the Galaxy Note 4. It won’t be every single order but we would be shocked if we didn’t see a number of deliveries emerge well ahead of October 17th.

After all, the Galaxy Note 4 is primed and ready to go.

Insanely Expensive U.S. Cellular Galaxy Note 4

U.S. Cellular still hasn’t announced its Galaxy Note 4 price. It will almost certainly give buyers a heads up so we’re not expecting consumers to have to wait until its October 17th release date. That makes absolutely no sense.

We’re also not expecting a U.S. Cellular Galaxy Note 4 that’s any more expensive than its rivals. U.S. Cellular devices typically cost around the same as devices on AT&T, Sprint and Verizon and we would be surprised if U.S. Cellular zoomed past the $299.99 price point that’s currently attached to the Galaxy Note 4 on most carriers.

U.S. Cellular, the nation’s fifth largest carrier, needs to stay competitive and that’s exactly what we think it will do with a niche device like the Galaxy Note 4. Look for it to cost around the same.

U.S. Cellular Galaxy Note Pre-Orders

U.S. Cellular still isn’t taking Galaxy Note 4 pre-orders and it’s hard to make a prediction about whether it will offer an early order period for Samsung’s Next Best Thing. Given that we’re still about a month away from the release, there is still a lot of time for a pre-order announcement. And given that it has offered pre-orders in the past, it’s hard to think that U.S. Cellular will skip pre-orders.


At this point, we’re leaning towards the carrier offering them at some point in and around the last pre-order date in the U.S. That date is September 26th on Sprint for those that might have missed it. Look for a pre-order, if there is one, to be confirmed alongside the Galaxy Note 4’s missing price. Like we already said, U.S. Cellular won’t let its customer fly into the Galaxy Note 4 release date blindly without a price point so if there’s a pre-order expect it to be announced alongside that announcement.

It could be that’s simply letting the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus release clear before divulging its concrete details.

Galaxy Note 4 Accessory Shortage

Do not expect there to be a Galaxy Note 4 accessory shortage. Several companies have already announced Galaxy Note 4 accessories and we almost always see the Galaxy Note series supported right off the bat in the United States. We should see a good amount of cases and other accessories aimed at improving the Galaxy Note 4 experience.

Carriers will have them, Samsung should have some available, and retailers like Amazon should have a bunch on tap for the October 17th release inside the United States.

Galaxy Note Edge Release Ahead of Note 4

Finally, do not expect the Galaxy Note Edge release date to beat out the Galaxy Note 4 release date. It’s clear that the Galaxy Note Edge is headed for a release date later on this year and with a Galaxy Note 4 release confirmed and the Galaxy Note Edge release still in bits and pieces, it’s hard to expect Samsung’s high-end flagship before the Galaxy Note 4’s arrival.


The Galaxy Note Edge release is making progress behind the scenes but we still haven’t seen U.S. variants pass the FCC, a necessary component ahead of release. Right now, our best guess is a release before the end of November and Black Friday. Black Friday marks the start of the holiday shopping season so we’re expecting Samsung and other companies to get their wares out ahead of time so that they can promote, and sell them, during the holidays.