Galaxy Note 4 Release Date: What Not to Expect Now

A week after its announcement and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date remains missing in action. We have, however, seen a number of new Galaxy Note 4 release date details emerge. Those details have helped to set new Galaxy Note 4 expectations and here, we take a look at what we know now about Samsung’s upcoming release.

Just over a week ago, Samsung confirmed its Galaxy Note 4, a successor to the Galaxy Note 3 and a device that will challenge Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6 release this fall during the holidays. On stage, Samsung confirmed many of the key Galaxy Note 4 details including its hardware and software but the company unfortunately failed to confirm many of the other important details including the Galaxy Note 4 price and the specific Galaxy Note 4 release date.

This was, and still is, a bit of a tough pill to swallow especially now that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are on sale and with an iPhone 6 release date coming next week (Friday, September 19th).

Obviously, this puts many consumers into a bit of a bind. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are already hard to find and those taking a wait and see approach are likely starting to get an itchy trigger finger. We don’t blame them. We’re starting to feel the same way as we push deeper into September and towards the fall quarter.

In the past week or so though, we’ve seen some Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date details slip through the cracks. And while they don’t come from Samsung or its carrier partners, they do help to paint a broad picture for prospective Galaxy Note 4 buyers. They also allow us to help set your expectations ahead of the release date.

With those in mind, we want to take an updated look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date and offer up some predictions about the future. Here’s what buyers should not expect now from the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 release.

No Galaxy Note 4 Release Date Clues

Do not expect the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release to take you by surprise. We’ve already seen a number of Bluetooth filings and FCC filings for the Galaxy Note 4, both for international models and U.S. models, and we should continue to see various models pass their certifications as we get closer to Samsung’s official release date.


We still haven’t seen devices like the T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular or Verizon Galaxy Note 4 pass through the FCC so once those do (the Sprint and AT&T models have already) we’ll probably be extremely close to the Galaxy Note 4 release in the United States.

Point is, we won’t be flying into October blind. If we don’t see any rumors, we’ve seen some dates pop up already but they’re flimsy, we’ll be able to track the Galaxy Note 4 release through the regulatory bodies that it must pass thru before it hits shelves in the United States and in countries around the world.

Galaxy Note 4 Release vs. iPhone 6 Release

Do not expect the Galaxy Note 4 release to beat the iPhone 6 release date next week. We haven’t seen any of the other U.S. models pass thru the FCC and we should see information flow with time to spare. In other words, we don’t expect carriers and Samsung to hastily announce a Galaxy Note 4 release date, especially not during iPhone 6 release week.

Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are already on sale, so they’ve beaten the Galaxy Note 4 there. They’ll also be out on shelves faster than the Galaxy Note 4 though this will work to your advantage.


While we expect an iPhone 6 sell out next week, don’t expect display models to be non-existent. What this means is that we think you’ll be able to head into an Apple Store or a carrier location and get some hands on time with the iPhone 6 Plus, the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 that’s the top competitor for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Going hands-on with the iPhone 6 ahead of the Galaxy Note 4 release will either help to solidify the Galaxy Note 4 as your next phone or cause you to order an iPhone 6 Plus then and there.

October 3rd & October 10th Galaxy Note 4 Release Date

We’ve seen both of these days pop up for the Galaxy Note 4 release. Retailers in the Netherlands are claiming a release on October 10th while Amazon here in the U.S. says October 3rd. While these could be the actual release dates, don’t count on them just yet.


The October 10th retailer date looks like it could just be an estimate and release dates on Amazon are typically very flimsy. We’ve seen some pan out but others are simply placeholders that manufacturers and retailers plop in there to take up space.

Don’t put too much stock into these dates, at least not yet.

Galaxy Note 4 Pre-Orders

Don’t expect the random Galaxy Note 4 pre-orders to stop. We should continue to see retailers in other parts of the world, and perhaps in the United States, continue to offer early Galaxy Note 4 pre-orders ahead of carrier pre-orders. We almost always see retailers offer unlocked models in advance and we would be surprised if other pre-orders didn’t pop up ahead of October. Look for people to continue to try and capitalize on the popularity of the Galaxy Note 4.

No Need to Pre-Order the Galaxy Note 4

Do not expect the need to pre-order the Galaxy Note 4. With the iPhone 6 pre-order date showing huge numbers, a Moto X all but confirmed for September and a Galaxy Note Edge positioning itself as a solid alternative to the Galaxy Note 4, the Galaxy Note 4 will almost certainly be easy to obtain once it arrives on shelves.


With the iPhone, there’s always a need to pre-order because shipping times move backwards extremely fast. We almost never see sell outs with Android phones unless they completely screw things up. Google and LG, for instance, didn’t make enough Nexus 4’s to meet demand and we saw a huge log jam when it arrived on virtual shelves.

Samsung’s supply lines are fast and efficient and rumors suggest that the company could ship close to 11 million Galaxy Note 4’s in anticipation of the Galaxy Note 4 release. Don’t expect to need to pre-order.

Galaxy Note 4 Price

Retailer DeltaMobiles is currently taking Galaxy Note 4 pre-orders for the SM-910, or, the international version of the Galaxy Note 4. The retailer’s listing on Amazon is for both the black and white Galaxy Note 4 models and the pre-order comes with an expensive off-contract price of $899.99. That’s far more expensive than last year’s Galaxy Note 3 price and it’s a price that seems unlikely given what we’ve seen from Galaxy Note 4 price leaks.

Galaxy Note 4 Features - Sensors

The Galaxy Note 4’s suggested retail price in Europe is €699. That price has shown up at several European retailers so there’s a good chance that we’ll see it land for a price that’s extremely similar to last year’s Galaxy Note 3. In other words, it’s probably not going to cost $900 off-contract in the United States when it arrives.

Don’t expect it to be more than $750. We’ve spotted pricing that puts it in and around $681 off-contract. That falls in line with everything we’ve ever seen from the Galaxy Note series.