Galaxy Note 5 vs. iPhone 6 Plus: 5 Things to Know in May

In May, we’ve started to see Samsung Galaxy Note 5 rumors emerge at a rapid pace teasing smartphone enthusiasts and smartphone buyers. With the month coming to a close, we want to take a look at the five most important things you need to know about the inevitable Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 6 Plus matchup.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are two of the market’s top smartphones and they will remain there up until Apple announces a brand new iPhone 6s. iPhone 6s release rumors point to an arrival in the fall which means that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus should remain flagships for at least a few more months.

As we’ve pushed deeper into the year, we’ve been hearing about potential competitors for Apple’s 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus including the rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 5. In fact, we’ve been hearing rumors about two new Samsung Galaxy Note rivals for the iPhone 6 Plus.


Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 5 isn’t confirmed but thanks to these rumors and leaks, we have a pretty good read on what to expect months ahead of the device’s launch date. Nothing is confirmed until Samsung takes the stage but we have enough to start making some early comparisons.

This comparison focuses on the most important things to know about how the current Galaxy Note 5 rumors compare to the iPhone 6 Plus. The Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 6 Plus matchup isn’t set in stone but this quick outline of what we’ve seen in May will help set your expectations as we push deeper into the year towards a Galaxy Note 5 release.

Galaxy Note 5 Release Date

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Galaxy Note 5 Release Date

It's only May but you're interested to hear how the Galaxy Note 5 is stacking up with the iPhone 6 Plus so far. Well, the first thing that we'll tell you is that we still have a long way to go before the Galaxy Note 5 rumor cycle matures and a long way to go before the Galaxy Note 5 is announced. It's still very early. That said, we're starting to get a read on some of the most important details including the Galaxy Note 5 launch.

Earlier this month, a report from Korean outlet WhoWired Korea made the rounds and it outlined some potential Galaxy Note 5 launch details. The publication claimed that Samsung would expedite the Galaxy Note 5 release to better challenge Apple's iPhone.

The report also claimed that the company planned to finalize the Galaxy Note 5 in June and start taking Galaxy Note 5 pre-orders soon after. It said that the launch would coincide with the arrival of Samsung Pay, Samsung’s Apple Pay competitor. 

Samsung wasn't feeling those rumors because JK Shin took the time to dismiss the information. He didn't elaborate but he didn't have to. The fact that he addressed these rumors is unusual and our guess is that he is trying to set consumer and investor expectations accordingly.   

The company always announces the Galaxy Note at IFA and IFA kicks off on September 4th. There's no reason, at this point, to believe that it will announce the Galaxy Note 5 anywhere else. So, if you're thinking about buying the iPhone 6 Plus or the Note 5 or if you're looking to get rid of the iPhone 6 Plus, you're probably in for a wait. 

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