Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 Update Roll Out Continues Outside U.S.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update roll out continues outside of the United States as Japanese carrier KDDI has announced an upgrade for its version of the former flagship, an update that comes ahead of the Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 update roll out in the U.S., a roll out that was expected to start earlier this month.

In October, Samsung finally confirmed that the Galaxy S3 would be skipping Android 4.2 Jelly Bean for Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and that the software would be coming with a number of upgrades, among them, support for the company’s Galaxy Gear accessory that launched alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 back in September.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 update could come in late October or November.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 update in the U.S. could come in November.

The company did not supply a release date for the Galaxy S3 upgrade but earlier this month, the software rolled out unannounced, landing first on Vodafone in Ireland. The update, as expected delivered the features of Android 4.3, Samsung Galaxy Gear support, Samsung KNOX, and features from the Galaxy S4 including camera tweaks.

The software, however, has rolled out slowly. The update remains unavailable in countries like the United States and Canada and thus far, carriers have been reluctant to offer information about specific dates. In fact, the only carrier in the U.S. that has confirmed an update is U.S. Cellular, the nation’s fifth larger service provider.


That doesn’t mean that the software upgrade has been halted. In fact, Japanese carrier KDDI has announced that it has made the software update available to its users saying that users will be notified when the update is available to install. This marks the latest version of the Galaxy S3 to get the update and it means that another device has beaten the U.S. to the punch.

Thanks to a leaked document that proved accurate with Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 roll outs, many expected the Sprint Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 update to roll out on November 6th. That, unfortunately, did not happen, leaving the timeline for the Galaxy S3 roll out in the U.S. up in the air. We still expect the Galaxy S3 update to roll out sometime in November but at this point, we don’t have any specific dates to look forward to.