Galaxy S8 Fast Wireless Charging: What to Know

Just like past devices Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are loaded full of fancy features. Many will love the big screens, water resistance and microSD card support, but fast wireless charging is one most forget. Here we’ll be going over what you need to know about Galaxy S8 fast wireless charging.

Wireless charging is nothing new, but over the years Samsung has improved it to offer much faster charging speeds. It’s no longer slow and inconvenient like it used to be. Which is why we’d recommend owners read on for more information so they can buy one today.

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During the launch Samsung announced a slew of official Galaxy S8 accessories. One of many is their sleek new Fast Wireless Charging Pad. If the idea of ditching cables for an improved experience interests you, we have all the details below.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ offer all-day battery life and USB Type-C for fast recharging speeds. However, one of our favorite features is fast wireless charging. Being able to throw it on a stand or dock with ease. A few years ago certain wireless charging pads didn’t work with all devices, and the recharge time was incredible slow.

That’s no longer the case. As a result this once convenient and novelty feature is something many should consider.

Fast Wireless Charging: What to Know

First off, there are two different types of wireless charging. If you buy the wrong charging pad or your new car doesn’t support the right type, it won’t work with some devices. There is Qi Wireless Charging, and the PMA Wireless Charging Standard. That said, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ support both, so any and all wireless charging options will work. Any device after the Galaxy S6 works with either type.

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This takes the guesswork out of buying a charging pad, and makes sure anything will work just fine. Many Starbuck locations have PMA chargers, which will work, but at slower speeds than Samsung’s own Fast Wireless Charging pads.

How it Works

Rather than plugging in your phone owners can just drop it on a wireless charging pad. Once the two surfaces touch it instantly starts charging. The charger is plugged in though, there’s just no wires going into your phone.

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Drop it on the wireless charging pad and it recharges, then grab it and go with a full battery. Wireless charging used to be slow and takes nearly 3-4 hours to fully charge a device. A regular wired charger (like the charger included in the box) will completely charge your device to 100% in less than 95 minutes. However, the new Fast Wireless Charging pads makes it extremely quick.

Samsung Fast Wireless Charging

With the Galaxy Note 5 Samsung introduced fast wireless charging. This increased the power and speed by 1.4x and now Qi Wireless charging pads will output 15w of juice, rather than 10w. Making wireless charging faster than ever before.

Using a “fast” charger the Galaxy S8 will recharge 50 minutes faster than old wireless charging methods. It takes longer than the charger in the box, but not by much. Below is a video showing this feature on the Galaxy Note 5 from a few years back, which works the same way on the new Galaxy S8 and S8+.

It’s safe, simple and easy. All you do is walk up and drop an S8 on the charger and that’s it. Fast Wireless charging kicks on and starts wirelessly charging your smartphone.

Samsung has released a few Fast Wireless Charging Pads, and the newest option is the best. It’s convertible and works laying down or as a stand. Perfect for traveling or at the office. Or at the bedside table. This will charge any Qi capable device, and is backwards compatible with older devices.

When it comes to recharging our smartphones everyone wants the fastest way possible. The S8 series has a new USB Type-C port that’s reversible and plugs in both ways, making it easier than ever to plug in and recharge. Adding fast wireless charging is just a bonus. This is one of many awesome features of the Galaxy S8. Get one today, or even consider last years model at a discount.