Galaxy Tab Pricing Up In the Air. Probably Needs to Come Back to Earth

Yeah, new Tablet/Slates have to pass the Pinky Test. That’s a must. But, if what I’m reading about prices on the Samsung Galaxy Tab come to be, that’s going to keep a lot of pinkies wrapped tightly around fists, tucked into a lot of pockets that could be pulling out credit cards. CrunchGear has the latest post on this info that I’ve been seeing and hearing. Understand, Samsung hasn’t come completely clean with its pricing structure yet. But trial balloons are being floated around the $800 and up mark. Let me just say this.


There’s no middle ground here in my thinking. Again, if the rumors and trial balloons are true (don’t think Samsung isn’t testing the waters here), it will keep the Galaxy Tab firmly in the early adopter range with a geek audience only, and come no where registering on any sort of consumer adoption scale. There’s a lot of folks hoping Samsung can pull off a winner with the Galaxy Tab and provide some competition for the iPad. Pop that trial balloon now, Samsung. It’s full of hot air and you don’t want to see your efforts look like a deflated helium balloon three days after the party you are planning on throwing when you do launch.