Gartner says Windows Phone 7 will flounder, but Gruber Approves

The opinions of Windows Phone 7 are starting to pop up everywhere online now. A couple notable opinions that I want to share surfaced recently. One of them from Gartner analysts and the other from John Gruber from Daring Fireball, a known Apple Fan. Both paint a completely different picture.Let’s start with the surprise, Gruber. According to Business Insider, Gruber was singing some praises for Windows Phone 7 on a podcast recently. (hear it at about the 54 minute mark)

There is very little latency for touch input and scrolling — “iPhone caliber” versus the “jaggy” Nexus One.

The platform feels more thoughtful than Android. The whole thing feels like it was designed by the same team, versus Android, which feels like it was made by a bunch of different people.

If he had to pick between spending a month with an Android phone or a Windows 7 phone, just based on 5 minutes of use, he would rather have the Windows phone.

His comments, while positive towards Windows Phone 7, makes you wonder if he is cheering for Windows Phone 7 or tearing down Android. I can’t recall the site, but I read somewhere yesterday that Apple fanboys are bored with attacking Microsoft and have now shifted their attacks on Android. They say that Google is now the enemy, not Microsoft. Could that be the reason Gruber is positive in his opinions of Windows Phone 7?

Next up, Gartner Analysts say that Windows Phone 7 will flounder… Really? This according to Information Week

Microsoft’s introduction of Windows Phone 7, set to be formally introduced next week, will barely move the needle on the company’s dismal share of the smartphone OS market, according to new data released Wednesday by industry analysts at Gartner.

Gartner predicts the release of Windows Phone 7 will help bump Microsoft’s share of the worldwide market from 4.7% in 2010 to 5.2% in 2011, but says the company’s share will ultimately decline to just 3.9% by 2014.

These are all just predictions and I hope they are dead wrong. I am quite a bit biased, but from my hands on time with Windows Phone 7, I am quite excited and optimistic for Microsoft’s new OS release. I am 100 times more excited for 7 than I was for 6.5’s release. I realize there are several shortcomings with the initial release of Windows Phone 7, but the total revamp of the OS shows Microsoft is dedicated to mobile and I am confident that Microsoft will make the changes needed to compete.

If you want to read another great article, head over to Neowin and read this one, “Why Android is failing, iOS is doing OK and WP7 could save the day“.

So what do you think about these opinions. If I recall correctly, Gartner was a little hard on Apple before the iPhone’s launch in 2007. I hope they are wrong here too.