GBM InkShow: First Look at the HP 2730p Elitebook Tablet PC

Well. This is going to be a very popular Tablet PC. No question about it. HP has listened to users of the predecessor HP 2710p, added some features that aid usability, and is prepared to ship the HP 2730p with the new Intel SSD technology. This is going to make this Tablet PC a winner. Some of the features they’ve added include a double clutch mechanism to keep the stylus from falling out of the garage, a jog dial, and you now have both a touchpad or a track stick to choose from. Choice is a great thing.

The review unit I’m evaluating does not have the new SSD, in fact it is running a 1.8inch HDD. Even so, the Intel Core 2 Duo L9400 processor on this unit yields some very snappy performance. The review unit came with 3GB of RAM and is running Vista Business and running it quite well (although we’re just out of the box here so we’ll see how prolonged usage stacks up.) Battery life out of the box running HP’s Optimized profile is reported as 4.96 hours with a six cell battery, so, again, the savings due to performance that the new SSD technology will offer will be interesting to see. We’ll have to check that out next month when they become available.

The 2730p feels very good in my hand.

I’m headed out of town for the weekend, so in the meantime take a look at this first look InkShow, pile up any questions you have and I’ll get answers out next week.

Download the High Res version.

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