GBM InkShow: Motion Computing J3400 Rugged Slate Tablet PC, Part 1

Picture 2 Motion Computing just announced their new J3400 Rugged Slate Tablet PC and we’ve got a two-part InkShow video series, as well as gobs of pictures to bring you.

In Part 1, I give a tour of the J3400, as well as give my hands-on impression of this much anticipated release. In Part 2, I show off the new convertible mobile keyboard, the Flex Dock, give a demo of QuickNav, as well as show how the integrated camera with Flash works. Our Part 1 InkShow, with a gallery of pictures is after the break.

For complete specs, checkout our announcement post, as well as by going to Motion Computing. The J3400 starts at $2299.

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Pictures: click pictures for higher res images.

J3400 Flush Bezel ScreenJ3400 Buttons
Left side of J3400, ports coveredJ3400 Air Exhaust
J3400 Ports, CoveredJ3400 Ports — Mic, Earphone, Ethernet, 2 USB, VGA, AC, Covered Carrying Strap point
Carrying Strap pointTop of J3400, Speakers
J3400 SpeakersRight side of J3400, Air Exhaust, Security button, finger print reader, power button, covered Express Card reader / Smart Card reader, digitizer pen
Express Card slot / Smart Card reader slot uncoveredopening up the Express Card slot / Smart Card reader slot
underneath the J3400, covered portsunderneath J3400, opening the covered ports
bottom of J3400, mobile keyboard connector, magnetsbottom of J3400, mobile keyboard connector, magnets
underneath J3400, cushion grips,dual hot swappable batteries, docking connector, 4 magnets for mobile keyboard, 2 MP camera / flashone hot swappable battery removed
both hot swappable batteries removedGobi SIM card slot underneath battery
one of the batteriesCamera / Flash
J3400 Camera / Flash up-close

All GBM InkShows and Podcasts are sponsored by TechSmith.