GBM InkShow: Thomasin Checks Out The HP Mini 1000

gbm-inkshow_-thomasin-and-the-hp-mini-1000When I got lucky and won an HP Mini 1000 at CntrStg during CES 2009 I knew I would have a fight on my hands when I got home. After my wife confirmed that I didn’t purchase the device, I knew she would want it for herself. She’s been working on an original Asus Eee PC for over a year now and I knew she was longing for a bigger screen and keyboard, as well as for a device with Windows XP.

So, before I got down to really testing it out, (I’m looking forward to installing Windows 7 on it.) I thought I would let her check it out and of course put her unfiltered reactions on video. And that’s what we have here in this GBM InkShow.

She’s going to be using it exclusively for the next couple of weeks (unless I pry it out of her hands for my own testing) and we’ll report back on the issues she raises in the InkShow.

Download the InkShow here.

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