GBM InkShow: Thomasin Takes on the Tega v2 Slate

Well, you asked for it. Now you’ve got it. I know why they call Thomasin my better half. A number of GBM Readers asked to see and hear my wife’s take on the Tega v2 Slate and here it is in all its unvarnished glory. For those who don’t known, when we do one of these InkShows, Thomasin doesn’t know much about the devices ahead of time and usually, as is the case here, is putting her hands on a device for the first time when she sits down in front of the camera.

Although she is a bit confused as to the definition of what a geek is, trust me, she’s no geek in the way we refer to one around here. You’ll have to excuse the couple of bursts of foul language and chalk that up to her being tired after an evening’s performance and her husband making her sit down and check out a new piece of kit on her return home.

Regardless, for those who are looking for a non-geek perspective on the Tega v2, here it is. And as usual here non-geek approach says quite a bit.

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And here is a link to my review and video of the Tega v2.