GBM Shortcut: Hands On With HP’s Mini 1000 6-Cell Battery

HP Mini 1000 6-cell battery compared to iPhoneGiven a choice, I will always use a mobile computer that supports an extended battery over a regular battery. For me, the benefit of additional battery life outweighs the extra weight or thickness. When I saw that the 6-cell battery for HP’s Mini 1000 was 20% off, I decided to go ahead and order one. The 3-cell battery just wasn’t cutting it for me. To be honest, I don’t know why OEMs even bother shipping their netbooks with 3-cell batteries. Samsung should be applauded for making their NC10 come standard with a 6-cell. Anyhow, my 6-cell for the HP Mini 1000 arrived this morning, and in this GBM Shortcut, I give everyone a quick hands-on demo of how the 6-cell looks with the Mini 1000. It is quite small, and in my opinion, makes the Mini 1000 even nicer to carry and type on. The 3-cell battery weighs 6 oz, while the 6-cell battery weighs 11.7 oz.   Pictures and video after the break.   The 6-cell battery retails for $119.99.

GBM Shortcuts are sponsored by Lenovo.