Genius Bar Appointments Added to Apple Support Website

If you’re having problems with your iPhone, iPad or Mac and need to talk to an Apple Genius about it, you can now schedule Genius Bar appointments at your local Apple Store right on Apple’s support website.

By navigating to Apple’s support webpage, you can click on the product that you’re having issues with and then confirm their location in order to locate the nearest Apple Store to them. From there, users can look up available appointment times for the Genius Bar and schedule an appointment right then and there.

One thing to be aware of is that the appointment option isn’t available for all issues, so it’s important to make sure that you can actually schedule a Genius Bar appointment for a particular issue that you’re having, as a lot of issues can easily be fixed without even stepping foot into an Apple Store. The company’s support website does a great job at helping users fix basic problems with their devices.

Previously, users were only able to use Apple’s support website for getting help over the phone, through chat, or on the company’s support forums. However, Apple is continuously improving their support efforts, and adding the ability to schedule Genius Bar appointments on the company’s support webpage is a huge step forward.

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This is good news for those that have an issue with their Apple devices, as phone and chat support can only go so far as to provide an adequate support experience. Face-to-face support at the Apple Store is really the best way to get your device problems fixed quickly and adequately.

This addition to Apple’s support website arrives as Apple recently launched a new tool that fixes iMessage problems when users switch away from iPhone.

A major problem with Apple’s iMessage service is that many users have issues with their own phone number correctly transferring to a non-iPhone smartphone when they switch devices, leading to problems with text messages getting to the recipient.

When you switch to Android or other non-iPhone platform from an iPhone, your phone number is still registered with iMessage, so any iPhone user who texts you will get a “Delivered” message, but you will never end up actually receiving the text message, because your phone number isn’t completely transferred over to their Android device.

This is obviously a huge problem, and Apple has known about the issue for awhile, but never had a solid fix until now.


The company launched a web tool that allows you to deregister your phone number with iMessage, that way you can begin using it again on Android, Windows Phone, or other non-iPhone platform.

The web tool consists of two methods for deregistering your phone number with iMessage. First, if you still have your old iPhone, the tool tells you to temporarily transfer your SIM card to the iPhone and then turn off iMessage.

However, if you no longer have your old iPhone, the web tool allows you to enter in your phone number and Apple will deregister it for you.

This problem was within iMessage and how your phone number is registered with iMessage when you get an iPhone. When you turn iMessage on for the first time, iMessage registers your cellular telephone number with Apple, so if you ever switch to a non-Apple smartphone, you have to deregister your phone number before you can use it elsewhere.

Furthermore, many users have been going into Apple Stores to the Genius Bar to fix the issue, but it turns out that Apple employees were giving users some pretty awful advice when it came to fixing this issue.

However, the addition of Genius Bar appointments on Apple’s support website should make it easier for users to get their problems fixed.