How to Get Old iPhone Ringtones Back in iOS 7

iOS 7 is out (as is the new iPhone 5s), and with it comes a heap of new features. One of those new features is all-new ringtones and text tones that you can use to free yourself of the legacy ringtones that you’ve had to use for years. These new ones are more realistic and more modern than the previous ones found on iOS 6 and older.

However, if you’re a stickler for the older ringtones and simply can’t part ways with them, you can still use them in iOS 7. They’re still located in the same place in the Settings app as before, but they’re hidden away in their own section that you might not find at first glance. Here’s how to access the old ringtones and go back to the “old” days of iOS.

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Get the Old Ringtones Back

To stop using the new ringtones and start using the old ones, simply open up the Settings app and navigate to Sounds. Scroll down until you hit the Sounds and Vibration Patterns section. This is where you’ll set all of the ringtones and alert sounds on your phone. The top two selections (Ringtone and Text Tone) are the two most important, and are the ones you’ll hear the most.

Tap on Ringtone and scroll down to select Classic; there will be two sections (Ringtones and Alert Tones), so make sure you tap on Classic in the right section.┬áThis will jump you to another list of ringtones that are the old ones from older iOS versions. Tap on one to select it; you’ll be given an audible preview of the ringtone as well, in order to make sure that’s the one you want. If it is, you’ll now be rocking the old ringtones just like the good ole times. Repeat this process for Text Tone, New Voicemail, New Mail, and so on and so forth.

Customizing Vibration Patterns

2013-09-20 17.19.56After you get back to using the old ringtones, you can now customize and choose your own vibration pattern to go along with your ringtone and alert tones. In each section, you can tap on Vibration to either pick a pre-made vibration pattern, or you can create a custom vibration pattern if the ones provided aren’t doing it for you.

To do this, select Create New Vibration. You’ll then tap the screen to start making your own vibration pattern. When you’re done, hit Stop and play it back by tapping Play to see (or rather, feel) if it’s what you want. If you want to start over, tap on Record to go back and start from scratch. Once it’s up to your standards, tap on Save and give it a name.

To assign a certain alert to your custom vibration pattern, just select it under the section Custom.