Get Your Cloud Sync On

Syncing data from device to device via the Cloud is certainly one of the hot mobile topics these days. There are quite a few services available, some free, some not so free, some that charge by the amount of data you wish to store, etc.. Given that I bounce from device to device, having my data available on multiple platforms is a must for me. DropBox is the primary service I use at the moment, along with SugarSync. Why do I have two accounts? Well, who knows when one will go belly up or get bought by another company, and I like to be redundant. I also use PogoPlug for my own personal cloud for files (music, videos) that I don’t always need access to, as well as key files that I’m working with at the moment.

There are a range of services from a range of companies big and small, and while most do the job, something eventually leads us to choose one or the other.

So, I’m curious and am putting out a roll call. Sound of in the comments and let us know what syncing services you use for your data. Tell us your reasons and how the service works for you. Tell us what you’d like to see happen differently.