Give Us Your Best April Fools Day Headline

poisson_davrilGet ready for April Fools Day on the Internet. Those who’ve been around for awhile know that you should always look skeptically at any post on any site on April 1. We typically have some April Fools fun here on GBM and occasionally those posts get taken for the real thing. (A couple of examples, here and here, and here’s a link to some of Google’s April Fool pranks from the 2000 t0 2008.   Keep in mind that the first GMail release date was on April 1.)

The Internet/Tech industry is fueled by rumor and gossip so much that it is often way too easy to create a few April Fools headlines. And just like there are those that love the pranks and silly posts, there are those who absolutely despise them and even unplug for the day to avoid the shenanigans.

We might, or might not have an April Fools post tomorrow, you never know, but this year I think that the GBM Readers should also get into the act. So, in the comments for this post take a shot at headline writing and give us your best Internet/Tech/Gadget April Fools Day post title.   Let’s keep the headline clean and keep them fun, after all that’s the name of the game here. April Fools Day fame awaits, so put your prankster thinking cap on.