Goodbye iPhone 3GS, Hello iPhone 5

Apple has yet to announce the iPhone 5 but I already know exactly which iPhone 5 I’ll be ordering if the rumors hold up.

For the past three plus years, I have been an owner of the iPhone 3GS. And while I own a Verizon Galaxy Nexus, the iPhone 3GS remains my daily driver. To date, it has been the best smartphone I’ve ever owned. However, now that Apple looks like it finally is going to get rid of the iPhone 4S/iPhone 4 design and upgrade the iPhone with 4G LTE data speeds, my iPhone 3GS is likely headed for retirement.

And while there are an assortment of options for me out there in terms of a replacement, I have decided that I am going to be pre-ordering the iPhone 5.

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My iPhone 3GS will be replaced soon, likely by the iPhone 5.

In fact, I have already decided which carrier I’ll be pairing with my iPhone 5 and how much storage space I am going to need.

Here’s how I came to my conclusion.

Why I Am Buying the iPhone 5

One of the main reasons I’ve held onto my iPhone 3GS is because of the support that Apple has given to it. I’ve seen upgrades over the past three years first to iOS 4 then to iOS 5 and now, my iPhone 3GS is in line to get some of the features that will be coming with Apple’s latest piece of software, iOS 6.

That kind of support, at the moment, is unparalleled. Microsoft isn’t upgrading any of its current Windows Phones, even its 2012 Windows Phones, with Windows Phone 8 and Android is so unpredictable with its updates that it makes my head hurt just thinking about it.

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The iPhone 5 rumors will come to a head on September 12th.

When I buy a phone I don’t want there to be a chance that I’ll get the next big piece of software, I want to know that I’ll get it and that’s a big reason why I’ll be buying the iPhone 5.

There are several other reasons as well:

  • Apple is heavily rumored to have added a bigger display. A 4-inch display is my sweet spot. Screen isn’t so big that it feels like a tablet, and it isn’t so small where watching content is a pain.
  • 4G LTE data speeds. I refuse to buy another phone without 4G LTE and the iPhone 5 is rumored to have it on board.

With iOS 6 and 4G LTE, I have a phone that will last me for the next two years and it will likely do so without showing too much age. While my iPhone 3GS isn’t perfect, it definitely does not feel like a device that was released three plus years ago and I love that.

Nexus Debacle

Software, hardware and the iPhone 3GS aren’t the only things that have sold me on the iPhone 5 though. In fact, Apple’s competitors have pretty much done Apple’s job for it.

As many of you know, I own a Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon, a device that I feel has completely tainted the Nexus name and has convinced me to never buy an Android phone attached to carrier again. Even a Nexus device.

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Being last to a major Android upgrade is one thing but not getting a crucial bug fix update for five months, to a Nexus device no less, is unacceptable in my book.

Android, at this stage in its existence, offers me too many headaches. And while I’m excited to see what Google announces later this year with its next Nexus, the Galaxy Nexus experience tainted me too much to think about buying it.

Windows Phone

I’ll admit, Windows Phone 8 has me intrigued. If I wasn’t going to buy the iPhone 5, I’d probably go Windows Phone for my next device. However, the lack of awesome applications frustrates me (Instagram, Flipboard and others to name a few) and until Microsoft shores that side of things up, I’m going to stay away.


It’s hard to get excited about WP8 and its hardware without any release dates.

That Lumia 920 looks really nice though. Too bad it doesn’t have a release date, something that the iPhone 5 will have after Apple announces it on September 12th.

So those are the reasons why I am buying the iPhone 5. And now, here’s what I will be pre-ordering, specifically, on launch day, assuming I have the option to do so:


With the iPhone 5, maybe the biggest decision I am going to have to make is what carrier to get it on. My contract with AT&T is up and I am free to go where I want.

And while Sprint and Verizon are definitely viable options, I am likely going to stick with AT&T with the iPhone 5. No, I have not taken crazy pills. Hear me out.

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My place of residence has 4G LTE service available so lack of 4G LTE with AT&T isn’t an issue for me. In fact, the Bay Area itself is pretty well covered by 4G LTE. Verizon is here as well but Sprint is not which effectively eliminates Sprint altogether, unlimited data and all.

So really, it’s a fight between AT&T and Verizon and at this point, I can’t decide between the two.

I’ve been with AT&T for three years and haven’t had any issues. I’ve had my Galaxy Nexus on Verizon for less than a year and while Verizon screwed up updates, it hasn’t overcharged me or done anything suspicious.

Customer service, at least for me, has been a dead heat between the two.

There are, however, two things pulling me in AT&T’s direction. One, AT&T’s “4G” network which will likely serve as a backup should my iPhone 5 not be able to connect to 4G LTE. AT&T’s “4G” network, which is HSPA+ in name, is faster than normal 3G. Verizon only has a 3G network to back up its 4G LTE network.

The other is the fact that I am an unlimited customer grandfathered into a plan on AT&T. My understanding right now is that I’ll be able to keep unlimited data, throttled of course, if I upgrade with AT&T.

Here is what AT&T told me when I asked about keeping my unlimited plan:

Customers can grand father their unlimited data plan as long as they are upgrading from a smartphone to another smartphone type device. You will be prompted to select a new data plan for the upgrade order. When you received your new phone, please call customer care to grand father your unlimited data plan for you.

This is much more appealing than a shared data plan on Verizon and thus, right now, AT&T looks like it may win my business.

32GB of Storage

With the iPhone 3GS, I was the owner of 16GB of storage. I have been dangerously close to using up all of that space for about the entire time that I’ve owned the phone.

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So, that rules out the 16GB model. And while 64GB is great, there is absolutely no way I am going to fill it up with that amount of content, music and all.

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That means that 32GB is going to be my sweet spot this time around, an iPhone 5 storage option that should cost me $299.99.

What about you? Are you buying the iPhone 5?