Google offering up to 16TB of Cloud Storage

clouds1What does 16TB of web-accessible storage look like? In my current setup, it would look like 32 NAS enclosures (yeah, I need to upgrade that) wired to 8 routers and plugged into 5 power blocks with backup batteries. But if I bought that from Google, it would look like $4,096 a year.

Yes, Google’s dropped their prices and uppped their limits on web storage. Now, for a mere 25¢ per GB, you can store up to 16TB of data on their mighty, mighty servers. Sounds pricey when you look at it in big chunks, like $256 for 1TB, but when I consider the cost in space, equipment and electricity if I tried to set up 16TB at home, it sounds reasonable enough.

One caveat: Google’s paid storage applies specifically to upgrading the free storage of Gmail and Picasa web albums. You could save almost anything there by emailing the file to yourself, but I think it would be most worthwhile if you take a lot of photos and video at high resolution. Regardless, more storage at lower prices is always welcome news.