Griffin Reveal iPhone 5 Case Review

The design of the iPhone 5 looks great, which means some users want to skip a case to look at the two-tone metal back and stay as thin as possible.

While there are skins to keep the iPhone 5 safe from scratches, many users will want to check out the Griffin Reveal iPhone 5 case. This case is essentially an iPhone 5 bumper with a clear plastic back.

The packaging proclaims this is “the clear back case” which is what drew my attention to it at Best Buy last week. I like the look of the iPhone 5, but I’m hesitant to carry it around without a case that provides protection from the occasional drop.

Griffin Reveal iPhone 5 Case Review - 2

Griffin Reveal iPhone 5 Case – Clear back.

The Griffin Reveal iPhone 5 case strikes a nice balance between protection, size and looks; plus it’s affordable at just $20.

The Reveal iPhone 5 case comes in eight colors, the model i picked up at best Buy is blue. The most popular models are black and white, which are in and out of stock at my local store. Because the case is essentially a clear plastic back and a silicone bumper, these models help keep the look of the iPhone 5.

The silicon band provides more grip to the iPhone and doesn’t add much bulk to the iPhone. It’s still easy to hold the iPhone 5 in one hand while reaching the corners. The grip of the rubber edges doesn’t interfere with putting the iPhone 5 in a pocket or bag.

Griffin Reveal iPhone 5 Case Review - 5

The Griffin Reveal is essentially an iPhone 5 bumper with a hard back.

The back of the case is clear, showing off the two-tone design of the iPhone 5 back. When looking at the case head on the plastic is completely transparent. Depending on angles and lighting there is sometimes a rainbow effect to the plastic, and it is almost as reflective as the glass back of the iPhone 4S. The clear back shows smudges and some wear on close inspection, but at arm’s length most do not show.

Griffin Reveal iPhone 5 Case Review - 6

The Reveal iPhone 5 case comes in a variety of colors.

The are openings for the camera, headphone jack, speakers, lightning jack and mute switch. The bumper covers the power button and volume buttons. One of the nice things about the flexible rubber edge is that the case can handle larger than average headphone jacks.

This case is as close to an iPhone 5 bumper I’ve found, and I really like that the back shows through without any worry about scratching the back or sides of the iPhone 5.

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I’m still partial to the Incipio Frequency iPhone 5 case, but this is certainly an excellent iPhone 5 case for users that want to show off the design, add protection and keep a thin iPhone.

The Griffin Reveal is available direct from Griffin and at Best Buy locations.