iPhone 6 Cases Hands On

New proof that Apple plans to announce a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 with curved edges and a new design arrived in our mailbox today in the form of seven iPhone 6 cases from a company with a track record for knowing what smartphones will look like before the company announces them.

We first saw these iPhone 6 cases arrive on Amazon in July, and now we have them in to try on the iPhone 6 mock-up that is the product of iPhone 6 rumors and leaks.

These Spigen iPhone 6 cases fit on the iPhone 6 mock-up that we used to compare to the iPhone 5, but it is a tight fit, which suggests the actual iPhone 6 is slightly thinner than our mock-up.

Hands on with iPhone 6 cases that fit the rumors and our mock up.

Hands on with iPhone 6 cases that fit the rumors and our mock up.

It’s not a surprise to see cases or accessories for a new iPhone well in advance, but the reason we are excited about these iPhone 6 cases is the track record of Spigen. In 2013 Spigen shared Nexus 5 cases with us ahead of the Nexus 5 announcement, and the cases fit the Nexus 5.

That reveal was closer than two-months to the iPhone 6 release date, but reports indicate Apple is almost ready to start manufacturing and the company is well along in the process for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6. This means leaks and sources can share the iPhone 6 dimensions and design with Spigen, who can in turn make the cases we show off below.

The Spigen iPhone 6 cases are designed for an iPhone 6 with curved edges and a power button on the right side, which matches leaks and iPhone 6 rumors. The left side includes a new volume button area that accommodates the thinner volume buttons and the orientation switch.

With the iPhone 6 mock-up in these iPhone 6 cases it is clear that Spigen designed them based on the same iPhone 6 rumors and leaks, but it is for a phone that is thinner than our mock-up. It is not surprising to see a small difference like this present between an iPhone 6 case and the mock-up that we purchased from China, which is made to less strict quality control than an actual iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 cases form a company with a good record for early access match current rumors.

iPhone 6 cases form a company with a good record for early access match current rumors.

Given Spigen’s track record in delivering accurately designed cases ahead of a smartphone announcement we are further convinced that the iPhone 6 design matches the iPhone 6 mock-up and the recent iPhone 6 rumors we reported on.

The gallery below shows the iPhone 6 cases and an iPhone 6 mock-up as well as iPhone 6 cases next to the iPhone 5s to show the size difference between the old iPhone and the iPhone 6.

The iPhone 6 release date is reportedly on for September, after an announcement in the second or third week of the month. We expect the 4.7-inch display that these cases are designed for, with a 1704 x 960 Retina resolution that is a boost from the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. We do not have any iPhone 6 cases for the 5.5-inch iPhone that rumors suggest is on the way, but possibly arriving after the 4.7-inch iPhone 6.

Above you’ll find links to our iPhone 6 comparisons using the iPhone 6 mock-up, that fits inside these Spigen iPhone 6 cases. If you want to see how the new iPhone compares to your device, this is a great place to start.