Hard Drive Crash and a Rescue from my Peronsal PogoPlug Cloud

hard_drive_crashSo, the hard drive on my Apple iMac decided to spin its last spin and head to the place where crashed hard drives go when they die. Fortunately, in the run up to Snow Leopard being released, I had made sure I had not only backed everything up, but done so with redundancy. I don’t take many chances when it comes to installing new operating systems. I also don’t take chances with my data as a general rule. Hard drives will crash.

I actually purchased a new 1TB HD external drive prior to the Snow Leopard upgrade just to make sure all was good, so as far as the majority of my data (I keep a lot of archives) I have it stored on two different external drives. If I wanted to, I could (and have) run the older Leopard OS from either of those backups. But there is no real need to do that.

I also backed up the files I’m currently working into my personal cloud using the PogoPlug. With that data there, I’m able to continue working on other devices around the office by grabbing those files whenever I need them and that has made this system crash certainly more bearable.

So, tomorrow I head off to Apple Store to have a new HD installed. After that adventure is over, I’ll restore from the backup and then pull any files out of my PogoPlug cloud I’ve been working with and I’ll be all back to normal.

You do backup up regularly don’t you?