Hatchimals Types: The 5 Different Species You Can Buy

Hatchimals is a toy craze that you likely need no introduction to. Playthings maker Spin Master has a huge hit on its hands. On holiday shopping lists the world over, Hatchimals now sit alongside bikes, video game systems and gift cards to Google Play and the iTunes Store. Lots of people know that Hatchimals are eggs that have an animatronic creature inside. They’re the hardest toy to find this holiday shopping season. What many people don’t understand is that there are different Hatchimals types.


Not all Hatchimals are the same. Different creatures come in different eggs. One species may look more like a bird than another species does, for example. Their differences are more than skin deep too, apparently. These characteristics are important for the second half of their life. Once they’ve broken through their shell, they need to be raised and cared for. That’s when their differences in personality manifest themselves the most.

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Some are shy, others are clumsy. Some have natural talent that the others don’t. The sounds that they make when being taken care of are different too. The different Hatchimals types are inspired by different two different real-world animals each.

Kids can’t be sure what type of Hatchimal will come out of their egg until it begins to break out of its shell. That doesn’t mean that we don’t know a lot about the different types of creatures that could be in there.

Here’s a guide to all the different Hatchimal types that are out there today, and at which store you can purchase each of them.

Hatchimals Types: Pengualas

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Hatchimals Types: Pengualas

A mix between a penguin and an iguana, these Hatchimals have fur on their head and rounded eyes. They have both pink fur and green fur.

They’re described as always happy, but also clumsy by the Hatchimals website. Their eggs come in two colors, purple with pink specks and purple with green specs. Any store that sells Hatchimals sells Pengualas. They’re not exclusive to any retail location like some of the others are.

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