Have a Need for Speed Reading? There’s an App For That

Mobile-Photo-Dec-3-2009-10-40-04Worried about how you’re going to find the time to read all those new eBooks that you’re planning on consuming now that eBook reading is becoming all the rage? If you’d like to learn the skill of speed reading there’s an app for that on the iPhone. QuickReader supposedly provides you with the training necessary to improve your reading speed with a variety of tools and options. Developed by Inkstone, the app will let you set your Word Per Minute (WPM) rate, adjust it on the fly, and contains a measuring tool to gauge your progress.

QuickReader comes with 21 full length classic books for you to practice on (in the full version, the Lite version comes with a collection of Aesop’s Fairy Tales) , and from what I’m reading you can’t import any old eBook, but then I’m guessing rather investing in that aspect, the folks at InkStone are probably content (at the moment) to provide a training tool that you can apply elsewhere. The full version costs you $4.99.

Via AppAdvice