Heads Up: iTunes App Store Hack

It’s the 4th of July weekend here in the states, which means tomorrow is a holiday for many as the end of an extended weekend. Perfect timing to perpetrate a scam on something like the iTunes store. Many news sites and bloggers are taking time off, as I’m sure many support and engineering staffs, including Apple’s.

The info on this hack is still a bit sketchy, but it got noticed when folks started seeing a series of books climb up the Books popular apps list, all from the same developer, and from what I’m reading most in Vietnamese.

Add to that later info that folks are seeing purchases show up on their accounts that they didn’t make and that has apparently moved away from just these book titles to other apps and other developers. The Next Web is where I picked this up, and I imagine this story is going to continue to unfold with new info.

Bottom line is that perhaps you should change your iTunes passwords and check your past purchases under your account information.