How Long Do You Expect to Use Your Gadget Purchases?

With the increasing avalanche that is mobile gadgetry there seems to me to be a shifting focus on looking at these devices (smartphones and Tablets) as almost disposable. Part of that has to do with the fact that, at least on the Android front, we see new devices more quickly than we see new hardware (and software) released faster than social networks steal features from each other. Part of that is price point, although that can be argued the other way as well. And along with that we also have the fact that mobile carriers haven’t figured out how to market to individuals vs. tying us to new contracts. That’s a growing dichotomy that always puzzles me. And of course with early termination fees (ETFs) continuing to rise, two years is what the carriers want us to think.

But back to the point. It used to be the purchase of new gadget, be it a phone, a computer, or whatever seemed to be something we’d hang onto for two or three years or so. Is that still the case? I’m sure it is more so with folks who don’t suffer from gadget lust. But technology is changing at such a rapid pace these days that I’m not sure whether or not the consumer’s psyche is in line with that pace of change.

So, I’m curious. When you make a gadget purchase how long do you expect to hang on to it? What’s your time line rationale for making a purchase? How much does the technology have to change before you make a new purchase and recycle the last one?

Let us know in comments what your thoughts are. Are your expectations different for mobile gadgets than they are for more traditional computing devices? Love to hear your thoughts.