How Mobility Has Changed Stall Surfing

If you’ve followed my musings here or anywhere, you know that I think one of the key benefits that mobile computing has brought to us all, is the ability to do some work, or some reading, or whatever when we all do what we all do everyday. I, and many others call it Stall Surfing. But you know, we all live in polite societies, so no company is going to launch a marketing campaign trumpeting that their mobile platform will enable you to get more done while you’re sitting on the can.

This flashback from my past not only made me snort coffee out my nose when it cropped up on Facebook, but proves the points above. Yep, that’s me in the picture, sitting on a toilet, reading The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, (thankfully covering that which you don’t want to see.) The picture was snapped as a practical joke back when I was 19 or 20, working a summer job as an Assistant Stage Manager at the outdoor drama, Unto These Hills. Nowadays, I can do the same thing on my iPhone as I carry the Bard’s work around with me all the time. I’d offer a then and now set of pictures but the iPhone just doesn’t quite cover up as much.

Ah, mobility, how you’ve lightened our load.