How Often Do You Click on Ads and Net Promotions?

This has always been a curious conundrum for me. The web economy is based largely on advertising and getting you to buy something. It is also based on a marketing stable, collecting and selling your information to other sources.  In some cases ads and promotions require a click through for someone to make some money off of them. In some cases the pay off happens with an impression or a viewing of the ad. But, let’s talk about the click though ads and promotions for a second.

It is no secret to anyone who pays attention that there are a number of ways to create scams through advertising and promotions on the web. The Feds are doing an investigation of some of these post transaction scams where your data is captured and then sold time and again for a profit.  Some of these are obviously shady, and some skate the shady line by looking quite legit. You’d probably be amazed at how the laws are structured to allow this. Post transaction simply means that your data is captured and sold after the transaction is completed. Banks, supermarkets, and retailers have done this for years, and the Internet obviously followed suit and apparently is doing so quite well.

But here’s the conundrum. Who clicks on these ads? Maybe it is just the folks I associate with, but I know of no one who clicks on Internet ads or promotions.  Asking this question of strangers usually yields a “I don’t do it” response. But yet when you read articles like this you see whopping numbers of revenue generated. (Again, some of those numbers come from impressions versus click-thru). Someone must be clicking somewhere, otherwise it wouldn’t be lucrative for either the legitimate ad trade or the scammers. So, who is it? Is it you? (No judgment attached to that question.) I’d like to know from our readers, how often you click through on an ad or a promotion? How often do you purchase online? Sound off in the comments and let us know.