How popular is the iPhone?

I don’t really have to say much here,’s infographic tells it all itself. The info is a tad outdated, but interesting nonetheless. I feel obligated to warn you that this is the biggest infographic I have ever seen, but it’s a very interesting read.

For all those curious on worldwide smartphone market share, Gartner’s August 2010 numbers on sales to end users paints a clear picture on which OS is still in the lead:

  • 41.2% – Symbian
  • 18.2% – RIM
  • 17.2% – Android
  • 14.2% – iOS
  • 5.0% – Windows Mobile
  • 2.4% – Linux
  • 1.8% – Other OSes

It’s pretty impressive how Nokia has a 40% worldwide market share and in the US, they have such a small share.

Source: BillShrink