How To Best Use The Motorola Smart Actions App

Motorola’s Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX both come with an app developed by Motorola called Smart Actions that can automate tasks based on a wide range of triggers. It’s one of my favorite aspects of the phones and I’m glad to see that Motorola is bringing the app to others in the near future.

Smart Actions is easy to use but it’s power isn’t always apparent from the start. It can help save battery (for you RAZR users who still need it), cut down on your mobile data usage, or shut off radios when you don’t need them.

Motorola includes some useful starter rules that you can customize or tweak to your liking. The smart actions I’ve created are mostly from scratch and based on the things I do every day. I go through my favorite rules in the how to video below.

Here are some other suggestions:

Turn 4G/mobile data off when you turn Wi-Fi on

  • Trigger: Wi-Fi set to Enabled
  • Action: Cellular Data set to Disabled
Smart Actions Location

Current location finder

Connect to Bluetooth headset when you get to work

  • Trigger: Location
    • Create a location for work by clicking the green + sign in the top right of the Location screen.
    • Use your current location if you’re at work or add by searching for the address or adding from your contacts.
  • Action: Bluetooth set to Enabled
    • The RAZR will automatically connect if the Bluetooth headset is on.

Change the ringtone volume for one special person

Useful if you usually have your phone on silent or a lower volume but need to know when a certain person calls, such as your child or parent.

  • Trigger: Incoming Call
    • Tap “From the following numbers” to choose one or more people to trigger this specific rule. You can type a name or a phone number to bring up a list of your contacts.
  • Action: Ringer Volume
    • Slide all the way up to 100%. Tap the checkbox next to Vibrate for even more impact.

Let your partner know you’re almost home

  • Trigger: Location
    • Create a location tied to a location near your home, such as the gas station a few miles away or a local shopping center.
  • Action: Send Text Message
    • Add the person you want to notify in the To: field and type the message your phone will send each time. Ex: 5 minutes from home!

Turn off email and social network notifications at work

  • Trigger: Location
  • Action: Background Data set to Disable
    • This won’t turn off data completely so you can still use the RAZR for other Internet-connected activities. You can also manually trigger updates. This way they won’t tempt you while you’re supposed to be working.

Those are just a few suggestions. Based on the things you do every day with your phone what smart actions would you create?