How to Check if Your iPhone 5 Has Shipped

Millions of future iPhone 5 owners are waiting for their device to arrive on September 21st. And for those that want some peace of mind, it’s now possible to check and see whether an iPhone 5 order has shipped on the way to the United States.

While many orders placed through Apple currently say that the order is “Preparing for Shipment” it’s possible to get a much more detailed timeline for an iPhone 5 order through UPS’ website.

As noted by Chron, those who pre-ordered an iPhone 5 can head to UPS’ website to check and see where their iPhone 5 is on its path to their doorstep.

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iPhone 5 orders can be checked through UPS’ website.

By following a few simple steps, iPhone 5 owners can track their device from now until launch day, even without Apple’s website reflecting any change in status.

First, iPhone 5 pre-orderers will want to head to UPS’ website to track the shipment.

From there, owners will want to select the option that allows customers to track a shipment by reference. This method will allow pre-orderers to enter information other than a tracking number.

UPS provides a Shipment Reference field. There, owners will want to enter the phone number that is associated with the order. It could be the number attached to the billing information or it could be the number of the iPhone itself.

Next, select the Destination Country and fill in the zip code or postal code. After that, click on track. For some, this will bring up some detailed information about the order. It may show that the iPhone has left China, it may show it being held somewhere, or, in some cases, it may not show anything at all.

FedEx offers a similar way to track packages so if the device doesn’t show up through UPS, it might be coming through FedEx.

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I ordered my iPhone 5 through AT&T and at this point, I am unable to track my iPhone 5 shipment on either website. So, it’s entirely possible that you may hit a dead end, at least at this point, as well.

However, we do know that this method has worked for at least some who ordered the iPhone 5 so for those that are impatient, this might be something to look into before Friday arrives.