How to Disable the Galaxy S7 Always On Display

This quick guide will explain how to disable or turn off the Galaxy S7 always on display. Samsung’s new Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones are loaded with features. From the curved edges of the screen, IP68 water resistance, micro-SD cards, and more. However, not everyone wants the screen on 24/7, so here’s how to turn off the Galaxy S7 always-on display.

On February 21st the new Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge were announced, and it took until March 11th for them to quickly be released. Now that millions of users are enjoying Samsung’s awesome new phone, we’re getting a lot of questions.

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Even when you turn off the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge screen, it’s still on. A little area is lit-up with the time, date, battery level and even some notifications for emails or incoming messages. It’s called an “Always-on Display” but it’s not for everyone. It also moves, often, which can be very distracting. Here’s how to customize, or disable this neat new feature.


An Always-On Display isn’t anything new, but with older phones it wasn’t on all the time. With the Galaxy S7, the screen is on 24 hours a day. It’s worth noting that Samsung’s always on display technology is very efficient. In fact, Samsung claims it uses under 5% battery life over the course of an 8-10 hour work day. Thanks to the processor inside and the efficient Super AMOLED display technology, Samsung only turns on a small portion of the screen to show users this information. Others like the LG G5, turn on the entire screen, and uses about 1% every hour.

Users may be concerned about battery life, but this feature actually can save you a substantial amount of battery throughout the day. Samsung claims that based on studies the average user turns their phone on over 150 times a day. All of that takes battery. The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge “AOD” feature uses roughly 5% in total throughout an entire day, and shares all the information most users typically look for when they quickly turn on their phone.

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So while Samsung’s new Galaxy S7 and its always on display feature is impressive, convenient, and could save battery life, some don’t like it. Every few seconds it moves to a different area of the screen, to prevent the date or clock from “burning in” permanently on the screen, or leaving a ghosting effect. It’s also very distracting and causes many to think they have an incoming message or notification when they really don’t, but it moved.

The always on display option can be turned off for those who don’t like it, or can be heavily customized in the settings menu. This guide is mainly about disabling the feature, but the same settings menu will let owners change everything, customize the clock, add a calendar, or even add a small background. With that all said, lets get started with disabling or turning off the Galaxy S7 always on display software.


Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are very customizable and almost every setting, control, or option can be changed or disabled. This includes the always on display. It isn’t for everyone.

To disable the always on display feature we simply need to head into Settings > Display > Always On Display > and flip the switch to OFF. Here’s are the step by step instructions and some screenshots to help you disable it.


  1. Pull down the notification bar and hit the gear-shaped settings button
  2. Navigate to the “Device” column and select “Display”
  3. Tap on “Always On Display”
  4. Select the On/Off switch to turn it off
  5. That’s it, you’re all done

It only takes a few taps in settings to disable this in display settings. Easy enough, right? Now the screen will completely turn off, and users will need to tap power or home to turn on the phone to see the time, date, battery life or messages.

At first I didn’t like the Always On Display feature and quickly disabled it, but then realized how convenient it was so turned it back on, and did a bit of customizing to my liking. Sadly it doesn’t work with third party apps, or replacement text message apps, but it’s still very useful. It even dims to a lower setting in a dark room or at night, and brighter during the day, making it easy to see but not too bright.

However, while it works great and has plenty of options, it isn’t quite as customizable as we’d like. I’d prefer to be able to set the brightness to a set level, choose what it shows, or customize it more like a weather widget. We do have some options though. Users can choose between seven different clocks, and more could be coming. We can set it to show two different calendars, or just a subtle screensaver wallpaper image, and three options are currently available.

Galaxy S7-AOD1

Navigate to Settings > Display > Always On Display > and select “content to show”, “Clock/Calendr style”, or “Background image” to make your Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge always on display unique to what you’d prefer.

Overall it’s a good first start and pretty feature-packed for a stock option, but we’re hoping for more options, controls, and third party access later this year through a software update. We’ll have to wait and see. For now customize it with a few of the options provided by Samsung, or follow the steps above and disable the Galaxy S7 always on display completely. While you’re here, below are some great accessories for your new phone.

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When closed, the S-View cover offers instant access to critical features through a unique window interface, thanks to the Samsung ID chip. View the home screen to check the time, weather and other status items. Accept or reject incoming calls with just a swipe, or reject calls with a preset message. Control your music playback directly on the S-View screen. If you miss anything, notifications are shown in the recent activity menu of your S-View cover. It works even better with the new always-on display feature.

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