How To Edit Video from a Flip Camera on iPad 2

There are not a lot of third-party cameras that can be used to shoot video compatible with Apple’s new iPad 2 video editing program iMovie. The Pure Digital Flip Mino and Flip Ultra HD will work. PC World put together a short How To video and we have tried it out and it works fine with a caveat.

Flip Ultra HD connected to iPad 2

Flip Ultra HD connected to the iPad 2

The Flip Ultra HD and Flip Mino shoot the right kind of video, but the Flip Ultra HD pulls a little too much power from the iPad 2. To make it work, you will have to have the Flip Ultra HD plugged into a powered USB hub for longer clips. We were able to import a one minute clip from the Flip Ultra HD, but with clips that are much longer it will throw up the error. The error message says “Accessory Unavailable” because “The attached accessory uses too much power.”

Error Message when plugging Flip Ultra HD directly into iPad 2

If you plug the Flip Ultra HD directly into the iPad 2 you get this error message

As the video below states, plug a powered USB hub that draws its power from a wall electricity outlet into your iPad 2. Then plug the Flip Ultra HD into that hub. If you have a Flip Mino, PC Magazine says it should work without the hub. If you get the error above, even with the hub, try unplugging and then plugging the hub’s USB cable back into the iPad 2 and make sure it is plugged into a wall outlet and is getting power from the outlet.

The basic steps to follow are below:

  1. Shoot video with the Flip camera
  2. Connect the Flip camera to the iPad 2 using the USB to Dock adapter of theĀ iPadĀ Camera Connection Kit (include USB powered hub with Flip Ultra HD camera)
  3. Import the video once the iPad 2 Photo App launches automatically (either use blue Import All button or select individual clips and use Import Selected)
  4. Either delete the photos or keep them when the app asks you which one you want to do (the video recommends saving them and we agree)
  5. Launch iMovie and start a new project using the plus icon
  6. Edit the movie according to the video’s instructions

Let us know if you if you have found other cameras that work besides the Flip cameras or the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.