How to Factory Reset and Erase the Galaxy S6

This guide will explain how to do a factory data reset on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and erase all information and user data for those who are having issues, trading devices, or even selling off the Galaxy S6 for something different. It’s usually the last resort when a device is having problems, but these days it’s extremely easy to backup and restore Android, so lets go over doing a reset on the Galaxy S6.

These days our smartphones are extremely important devices that hold a ton of information. Email accounts, banking information and login credentials, photos, video and much much more. It’s extremely important you know how to wipe a device if you’re selling it. Regardless of your reasons, here’s how to reset Samsung’s new flagship smartphone, or the Galaxy S6 Edge.

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With Android Google has made doing a factory data reset extremely easy. Which as the name suggests, puts the device into the same out of the box “factory” state in which you received it. All apps, information, email accounts and more will be deleted. This is a great way to start over and fix bugs after big software updates and more. Lets get started.

Galaxy S6-itunes

Some Samsung Galaxy S6 devices actually have a new option in the factory data reset menu that won’t wipe an entire device, but will reset all system settings and such. This is a relatively new thing that our AT&T Galaxy S6 doesn’t have, but we’ll go over that and the regular factory reset below.

With Android Google makes doing a reset extremely easy, and it’s essentially the same on all devices. While the menu and location is sometimes different, you’ll be navigating into the same general area and clicking 2-3 buttons and you’re all done.

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Samsung’s Galaxy S6 is a brand new device that may have many moving from the iPhone or older Android devices to to Samsung, and if you need to know how to reset your device, here’s how.


This is extremely simple and nearly the same on all devices. For the Galaxy S6 users will head into settings by tapping the gear-shaped setting button at the top of the notification bar, or by finding the settings app in the application tray.

From here go to settings > personal > backup & reset. This will erase everything on your device, we repeat, everything. Apps, photos, video and more will all be gone. Follow the backup instructions at the top of the page before continuing, if you need to save your information.


Once an owner navigates to personal > backup & reset, they’ll see a few options to enable backup. This is turned on by default so everything should already be stored in the Google cloud. If not, enable it, and sync backup before doing a reset.

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 11.52.07 AM

Once you’re ready simply scroll down and tap factory data reset. This will show you everything being removed. Most like it’s your Google account, Samsung account, Facebook, system and app settings, device settings, music, photos, and all other user data. It will all be gone. So use caution.

Scroll the the very bottom and tap Reset Device. This will begin the process and it only takes a few minutes to completely wipe a smartphone. The device will then install the latest version of Android, and reboot into the same state as it was out of the box. Ready to be setup and used again, sold, or given away.

This is also a step many take to fix misbehaving devices. If your Galaxy S6 is having a few issues try backing up everything and doing a reset. There’s now a new Tap N Go restore Google’s added to Android that makes restoring everything extremely simple. When going through the first setup just choose this, and it will restore all of your apps.

Some Samsung Galaxy S6 devices, like from Verizon, also have a “reset settings” button in the menu mentioned above. This won’t erase all of your information, but instead wipe out all the settings, tweaks, and software changes you’ve made, while keeping everything else. This is a new addition, and something worth trying first if you’re experiencing problems on the Galaxy S6.

Should You Do This?

A factory data reset should only be done if you need to. If you’re experiencing problems, looking to trade in or sell the phone, or are giving it to a friend or family member, it’s always a good idea to erase everything on it. This allows the new owner to start with a clean slate, and ensures a past users privacy is in tact, by erasing everything from the device.

This is one of those steps that every Android owner needs to know, and it’s so easy that anyone can do it. It only takes a few minutes and the device will be back to the same out of box state it was in no time.