How to Fake Your Location on iPhone

If you want to tell your iPhone and your apps that you’re in a different location than where you’re actually at, here’s how to fake your location on iPhone.

There are many reasons why you might want to fake your location. Some want to do it for privacy reasons, since many apps track your location in the background (and you may not even realize that your location is attached to photos you take by default), and others like to bypass blackout restrictions in certain streaming apps in order to watch live sports or catch their favorite TV shows and movies.

You can also fake your location in various dating apps. Tinder, for example, has a paid feature that lets you change your location, but you wouldn’t need to pay for it with a way to do it yourself.

We’re seeing many users looking to fake their iPhone location for Pokémon Go to try and get to specific places to catch Pokémon without leaving home.

Or you can be super sneaky and change your location to the Bahamas. Then post a Tweet with your location enabled and make everyone jealous (but you’re actually not in the Bahamas).


As long as you have a jailbroken iPhone, you can fake your location, right down to specific coordinates if you want to get specific. Whatever your motives are for wanting to fake your location on your iPhone, here’s how to do it on a jailbroken device.

There is now a iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak available that allows you to fake your iPhone location on the latest software. This new jailbreak works on iOS 9.2 through iOS 9.3.3, but only on 64-bit devices like the iPhone 5s and newer.

Faking Your Location on iPhone

There are a few jailbreak tweaks that you can download from Cydia that can change your location to wherever you want, but perhaps no tweak is better than LocationFaker, because it’s really easy to use.

You can download LocationFaker in Cydia by tapping on the Search tab at the bottom and typing in “LocationFaker” in the search box. From there, you’ll select the iOS 8 & 9 version and proceed to install it on your iPhone.


The tweak will install as an app and appear on your home screen. Open it up to get started.

You’ll see that the app will show your current location, but you can easily drag around the screen to change the location for the green pin. You can also zoom in to be more precise with your fake location that you want to set up.

Once you found a location that you want, tap on the Off button in the lower-left corner to enable LocationFaker and begin to fake your location. The button will turn to On.

From there, you can exit out of the app while still keeping it running in the background, and can then go into any app where it will use your fake location. For instance, Google Maps will think I’m located somewhere that I’m actually not in, and even Tweeting with my fake location will work magically.


I haven’t found an app that won’t work with this tweak, except for MLB.TV, which uses more ways than just your location to determine if you’re in a blackout area or not. Pretty much any other app that uses your location will use your fake location if you have LocationFaker enabled.

This will also work with Facebook Messenger (remember when a new tool revealed this?), as well as the Camera app whenever you take a photo and you have your location enabled.

You can even add certain locations to your favorites to easily come back to them when you need them, which is probably the coolest feature of the entire tweak.


Granted, you probably won’t use LocationFaker all the time, but it could certainly work around the clock if you wanted it to by just making sure that LocationFaker is enabled and running in the background at all times. Better yet, you can change your location whenever you want by just dragging the screen to move the pin to another part of the map.

It’s really easy to use and makes it super convenient to change and fake your location whenever you want.

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